Mavericks, Iconoclasts, Dropouts and Misfits

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in Rules of Thumb, skmurphy

“The truth is, start-up-land is littered with mavericks, iconoclasts, dropouts, and misfits.”
Sramana Mitra in “The Real VCs of Silicon Valley”

I have come to the conclusion that most entrepreneurship is involuntary. Either someone is an entrepreneur from the time they are young, which was my personal experience, or they are thrust into situations where their old career path(s) are foreclosed to them and they have to become entrepreneurial.

Startups survive because they can live on the scraps of a market (a niche) that larger competitors ignore or would be unable to pursue profitably. This is doing less with less. The trick is to minimize the amount of wasted effort. The challenge is to launch new initiatives and projects that build on existing relationships, knowledge, and successes.

“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”
Wesley to the Princess in “Princess Bride

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