EDA Roundup: 100+ EDA Blogs, Jim Hogan, Wally Rhines

100+ EDA Blogs: I have updated the “Bloggers Covering Design Automation” list so that it now has over 100 listed. I think remain on track for 500 blogs by 2011 as I had predicted in “What Happens when 70 EDA Blogs Become 500 in 2011.” It’s clear that this will create a number of opportunities for new aggregation sites.

Jim Hogan is interviewed in “Follow The Money (And Lose The ‘E’ In EDA.” it’s  a recap of his guest post “Jim Hogan on IP” in EDA Graffiti. It’s eight minutes and worth a listen. Two key points:

  • Private company consolidations because you have alignment on values and valuations have collapsed in a recession so no argument on price.
  • Possible federation of IP companies around a common channel.

One key point he made in the blog post was “In my opinion, there is a substantial untapped System-Level IP opportunities in block level interconnect and memory control–the architecture through which IP is integrated and IP interoperation is achieved.” Hogan also had a long interview in December with Peggy Aycinena as “The Audacity of Design” that’s worth reading.

Wally Rhines had a great keynote at DesignCon 2009 “Common Wisdom Versus Reality in the Electronics Industry” with a couple of key points:

  • 1990’s growth rates in teens, average for last ten years about 5%.
  • Top three vendors maintain 70-75% market share for least 30 years.
  • VC’s continue to invest $200-300 million, this may have changed in 2008/9
  • About 50 new EDA startups created every year
  • “Recessions are the time that the greatest innovations occur because they have to occur.”
  • EDA revenue has “consistently been 2% of IC revenue for the last two decades.”

Other coverage

I am still looking for a copy of the slides.

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