“Startup Maturity Checklist” Slides From Today’s SVCC Session

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to present our startup stages model and the “Software Startup Maturity Checklist” at Silicon Valley Code Camp today. I have posted the slides here.

Software Startup Maturity Checklist

I mentioned Barry Moltz‘s “You Need to Be a Little Crazy” in response to a question about friends and family financing. It’s a great book, I reviewed it originally in 2006, concluding with

And one final (abridged) quote from Moltz himself in the Introduction makes a point I have made to a number of folks who are not entrepreneurs (sometimes even to their spouses or others they have invited to be “a passenger in the race car”).

Entrepreneurs start businesses because..they have no choice. Passion and energy drive them on good days and sustain them on bad days.

I even remind myself of this from time to time. Some mornings when I am in the shower and contemplating the day ahead, I will remind myself that “This is the life that I have chosen” because it’s never easy and it’s never dull.

The slides are also available on SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/skmurphy/startup-stages-maturity-checklist-2123873

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