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We’ve streamlined our home page and highlighted our advisory services, our sales and marketing support, audio and video for some recent presentations, and our Bootstrapper Breakfast events. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Listen To Talks The workshop page now highlights a September 2009 talk at SF BAY ACM “The Limits of I’ll Know It When I See It“, Video available on FORA TV, and an Oct 2007 talk at the KASE Entrepreneur Seminar: “You’ve Launched: Now What? Post Launch Growth Plan” with the Podcast and transcript available.
Startup Advisor The Startup Advisor page highlights our desire to help entrepreneurs build a business. We want to work with small teams who plan to change the world, creating more opportunities than they started with.
Early Customers and Early Revenue We understand the selling process for early stage startups and can provide strategic advice on company development and customer development. We provide business level metrics for tracking your progress. Call us if people “don’t get what you are trying to sell.” We can help with hands-on sales and marketing support.
steaming hot coffee and serious conversation Join Other Entrepreneurs Who Eat Problems for Breakfast! This is your chance to compare notes on operational, development, and business issues with peers. These breakfasts were designed for entrepreneurs to share ideas and leverage thoughts with others who are serious about growing their business.

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