Cool Business Cards

In the course of my networking I meet a lot of people and get a lot of business cards – every once in a while I will get a card that really stands out.

Here are three cards that lead to deeper discussion about their company and products.

Not only is this business card unique, it is a great way to show off that WhereIsNow always has the most current information.

The WhereIsNow service ensures that the contact information is always current.

No longer do you have out of date phone numbers or email. By simply searching with key search = 2 18, updated contact for Daniele Idini is available.

Where Is Now Business Card

The second one is a unique business card from GeekStack, a company that produces an online trading card game with a science and technology theme. The cards feature the history, people, concepts, discoveries, and events in fields like Math, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Biology.

The final business card is also for GeekStack and makes creative use of mathematical symbols in a typeface logo, it’s a memorable way for Peter Christensen to introduce his company. Front and Back are shown.


Guarantee you, if you were handed any of these cards you would be on their website checking them out. Let me know if you have favorite a business card.

If you have a cool business card mail us a copy and we will run another post when we get a few.

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