Entrepreneurs Sign The Front Of A Paycheck

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The essence of entrepreneurship is quid pro quo, an exchange of value that creates a satisfied customer, partner, supplier, investor, or employee.

Successful entrepreneurs remain curious about not only their customers but prospects who did not buy.

Bright engineers who become CTO’s are like beautiful girls:  at some point, sooner than they anticipate,  they have to learn how to work with other people because they are no longer the brightest (or most beautiful) person in the room.

A business needs ideas, labor, capital, and relationships to succeed.
Too many failed entrepreneurs neglect relationships.

Entrepreneurs persevere when they get a “no” from someone who does not have the authority to say “yes.”

Some useful phrases not taught in Business School:

  • I Don’t Know
  • Please Help Me Understand Your Problem
  • I Am Sorry
  • I Am Listening, Please Continue

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