Virtual and On-Line Are As Superfluous As Horseless and Electric

I think "virtual team" is rapidly becoming redundant: just as "horseless carriage" became car I think "virtual team" will become just team. Most project teams will have a virtual component (e.g. on-line workspace, chat histories) and geographically remote members, if only to involve suppliers, partners, and customers more seamlessly. More [...]

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The Venture Lifestyle Business

"Some buildings need air conditioning because they have air conditioning. Because they were designed to be air conditioned, they have no natural ventilation and would be miserable to inhabit without air conditioning." John Cook in "Maybe You Only Need It Because You Have It" I wonder if the same thing [...]

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Keeping the Ball Rolling With Prospects

Most of our clients offer complex software products, frequently in combination with some amount of consulting services. Their sales are not the results of credit card transactions but a complex orchestrated sales process. Frequently their prospects need to see a custom demonstration or a benchmark that relies on their own [...]

Fun Getting More Customers Workshop Today

We have a very fun group of entrepreneurs today in the workshop.  Every time we give our workshops, I learn so much from our attendees.  Today, I learned about a couple of new tools I am planning to check out: Small business CRM Demandbase I also was given [...]

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Bootstrapper Breakfasts in December 2010

We have added two Holiday Bootstrapper Breakfasts in the week between Christmas and New Years, continuing a tradition started two years ago of running two breakfasts that week at 9am.  Any of these December breakfasts are a great opportunity to take some time to not only recap 2010 but also [...]

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