Drifting 2

Jeroen Bakker sent in a great list of suggestions as a follow up to last week’s “Drifting” post.

Jeroen Bakker on Drifting

Jeroen Bakker of Remindo left a great comment on my Drifting post from last week that I wanted to highlight

I sure know this feeling of sleepwalking through a day when there’s too much to do and too many ideas floating around but you just don’t seem to get real things done.

Reading a book works great indeed, but sometimes you need a bit more to really distance yourself. In that case taking a short break, even for a weekend, and going to some nice hotel somewhere helps me to recharge.

Other options that I find working well:

  • just stop the things you need to do and start helping others doing the things they need to do (that’s more invigorating than it probably sounds);
  • putting to do’s aside and doing some more creative work like designing;
  • watch a movie;
  • clean my desk, do the dishes or do some other simple task at hand;
  • read interesting blog posts :-)

This is a good list. I think the key thing is to recognize that you are sleepwalking.

“To do great work a man must be very idle as well as very industrious. ”
Samuel Butler

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