Working Smart

Kevin Kelly has  a great blog post up on “working smart” called “What You Don’t Have To Do.”

He defines a capability maturity model for working smart:

Kevin Kelly on Working Smart

  1. Doing what is required.
  2. Doing more than is required.
  3. Trying as many roles as you can in order to discover what you are smart at.
  4. Making sure you are spending your time on jobs that are effective or that need to be done at all.
  5. Do only jobs that really need to be done and that you are good at doing.
  6. Doing work that no one else can do.

It’s a thought provoking hierarchy, I think you have to be at least at level 4 to be an entrepreneur and ultimately get to level 5 or 6 to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Good Books On Managing Your Time and Priorities

  • Time Trap by Alec Mackenzie
    An older book but I think the most practical and very well organized. The appendix works from symptoms to root cause diagnosis of more than a dozen time management challenges.
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen
    A very popular system that many swear by, I have never been able to sustain my use of it.
  • Seven Habits by Steven Covey
    Practical insights for personal excellence.
  • Getting Things Done by Edwin Bliss
    The first book I read on time management, it’s more a laundry list of ideas but a quick read and very practical.
  • Doing It Now by Edwin Bliss
    Great advice on overcoming procrastination

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