The Fourth Quarter of 2011

It's Later Than You ThinkHard to believe that 2011 is already three-quarters over. Slightly more actually. I need to take the time in the next week to recap our goals for 2011 and recalibrate what is still “in the feasible region.” If I am feeling more ambitious I will also sketch out a preliminary list of goals for 2012. It’s always easier in December to revise a list than to start with a blank piece of paper.

If you need to take the time to re-plan but cannot find it, remember that the end of Daylight Savings Time on November 6 (if you are in the US, elsewhere your mileage may vary) will give you back an hour you can use.

There are only about 40 “selling days” left if you are trying to close deals with businesses. But it’s worse than that. If you haven’t started a conversation with a new prospect by mid-November you will likely get asked to “contact me in the new year when I have a better idea of where we are.” Same guidelines apply if you are looking for potential beta sites.  It’s later than you think.

The future is an abstraction, all change is happening now.”
Marcelo Rinesi

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