A suggested checklist for your end of year planning efforts.

2012 Checklist for End of Year Planning

New Year ListThis is the season to think about next year–time to gather up what has worked in the past year and what new things to experiment with in the coming year. 2013 offers a very big opportunity to improve or tweak your business.

One way I try to figure out what holes need to be filled is by tracking the following things:

  • Size of mailing list
  • Number of website visitors
  • Number of new articles added to the website
  • Number of request for demos
  • Number of events held or attended
  • Number of press releases
  • Keywords
  • Top and new referrals streams (partners, websites, …)
  • New information sources

My promotion plan includes:

  • Email blast
  • Mail
  • Advertising (adwords, banners, print)
  • Website improvements
    • Website SEO
    • New information sources to target
  • Press releases
  • Conferences
  • Memberships
  • Speaking engagements
  • Video
  • Partners
    • New to target
    • Press releases

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