Online Marketing For Professional Services May-14 at PATCA

I will be giving a evening workshop May 14 at PATCA on marketing professional services online. This is an interactive session for professional consultants.

Prospects gain an appreciation for your expertise and ability to understand and to solve their problems through what you write, what you say, and what your customers’ say about you. You should have a plan for developing referrals and testimonials, but in this session we are focusing on opportunities to demonstrate your expertise and give prospects a reason to believe that you can assist them. These outbound messaging strategies will complement your referral program and are essential to attracting new customers and cultivating valuable long-term business relationships.

You will learn how to:

  • Effectively market for your services
  • Build influence using online resources like Linkedin, twitter, blogging
  • Create a competitive advantage

Marketing Professional Services Online

We are going to focus on what you can do to influence a prospect between the time they realize that they have a problem or need and they decide to reach out to you for a conversation to explore how you may be able to help. We are going to go through several short written exercises that will recap recent project experiences, recent marketing efforts, and where you may shift efforts in the next twelve months. You will have a chance to compare notes and brainstorm potential courses of action with other consultants in the workshop.

The goal is to understand what prospects reviewed before deciding to contact you, what’s had a positive impact, and where you may need to improve.

May-14 2015 6-9pm

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