Abigail Miller on Great Demo Workshop Benefits

After every Great Demo! workshop we follow up with every participant to learn

  1. What results have you observed from applying the Great Demo! method so far?
  2. Do you have any success stories to report or share?
  3. Are there any questions you’d like to have addressed regarding the methods or concepts?  Have you encountered situations where you’d like additional help or recommendations?

Abigail Miller, a Pre-Sales IT Consultant with Agfa Healthcare, a workshop in May of 2015 and wrote this email in reply:

“I found the course gave me more confidence in my demo delivery and took away some useful tips for tradeshow demos where you have much less information about the prospect. I am always careful to ask for their role or job title and what they would like to get out of the demo.

It’s still tough when they say “just show me what you have…”  or “give me an overview” but I was able to focus in on their needs when they highlighted them.

The second change I have made is to break the demo into chunks where I summarize each segment before moving on. While my fear was that it would slow me down I think, based on the questions I am getting, that it’s actually increased people’s understanding of our product.

The third change has been to “do the last thing first” and start with the output or final result from a command or command sequence and a summary of the benefits before diving into the details.

Finally, I have been pushing my sales reps for more discovery up front and have been more successful in getting better information about a prospect and their goals for a demo in advance.

It was a wonderful course; I continue to read through the book and practice.”

Abigail Miller, a Pre-Sales IT Consultant with Agfa Healthcare

Great Demo! by Peter CohanAbout Great Demo!

The Great Demo! method enables organizations to create and deliver surprisingly effective software demonstrations. We offer Workshops, Seminars, coaching, coaching tools and consulting with a focus on the needs of organizations developing and selling business-to-business software.

The Second Derivative helps software organizations achieve their sales and marketing objectives by dramatically improving the success rates of their demos. Peter Cohan of the Second Derivative has been helping software sales, presales and marketing organizations improve their results and processes since 2003, via Workshops, Seminars, Webinars and other events delivered around the world to thousands of participants.

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