Are you a boss or a leader?

Are you a boss or a leader? Here is a short list outlining the difference.

Be a leader not a boss



Can’t Say, “I Don’t Know.” Is Always Learning
Talks Listens
Emphasizes Inputs and Deadlines Emphasizes Results
Controls and Directs Delegates and Coaches
Makes Excuses Apologizes
Criticizes Encourages
Gives Orders Gives Directions
Places Blame Takes Responsibility
Commands Asks
Demands Respect Earns Respect


Simon Sinek on Leaders

In “Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last”  Sean excerpted this short passage by Simon Sinek from his book “Leaders Eat Last

“Leaders are the ones willing to look out for those to the left of them and those to the right of them. They are often willing to sacrifice their own comfort for ours, even when they disagree with us. Trust is not simply a matter of shared opinions. Trust is a biological reaction to the belief that someone has our well-being at heart. Leaders are the ones who are willing to give up something of their own for us. Their time, their energy, their money, maybe even food off their plate. When it matters, leaders choose to eat last.”
Simon Sinek in “Leaders Eat Last

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