Leads–The Fuel for Your Sales Machine

“Leads–The Fuel for Your Sales Machine” is now a registered trademark of SKMurphy, Inc. Please contact us to learn more about our lead generation services.

Leads–The Fuel for Your Sales Machine

Leads--The Fuel For Your Sales Machine

Leads – the fuel for your sales machine is now a registered trademark!

One of the key services we provide is lead generation. By understanding your customer and target rich environments (i.e. where they hang out–face to face or online), we can optimize a lead generation program for you. Some of our favorites include

  • Referrals
  • Networking
  • Webinars
  • Email blast
  • Guest author on a popular blog
  • Leveraging LinkedIn updates and groups
  • Talks
  • Direct mail
  • SEO

Additionally, we look at other underutilized assess that might be better leveraged to generate leads. This might be a large LinkedIn network or interest group or website traffic or business relationship.

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You are welcome to sign up for a no cost no obligation office hours session that will walk through the various options you should consider for lead generation.

Getting More Customer Workshop

We offer a popular workshop on developing a 90-day plan to find more customers. Check here for an updated schedule.

We understand the difference between the sales methods needed for new product introduction and those for a product that has many satisfied customers, proven collateral and messaging, and a clear target market. Founders sell to keep the lights on, meet payroll, but primarily because–in the beginning–no one else can. We work with them directly to rehearse, ride along and support, de-brief, and any other way we can make them more effective. To be able to hire a good sales person the founders will need to demonstrate that they have a working product, a lead generation process that works, and satisfied customers that can be used to substantiate their claims and address the doubts that can block deals from closing.

But a good sales person does not want to have to learn how to sell a product through trial and error, they want to see a recipe that works and proof that it does so in the form of satisfied paying customers. They are able to tolerate a high failure rate (e.g. only closing one in three to one in five opportunities) and are happy to continue to tune and improve it through experience, but they want to know they are following a recipe that has been proven to work.

Our methods assume that the product only has to work in founder’s hands, at least initially, and that we will have to earn the customers trust directly through our actions and the results the product can deliver either in their environment or on their data. Once they have a base of satisfied paying customers, the founders can look at scaling using specialists; we can help either to bring on direct staff or find other more specialized sales firms.

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