Nine Tips For Expert Public Speaking

Conor Neill has a great post up today on “a 9 Step Cheatsheet for Becoming a Public Speaking Expert” courtesy of the London Speakers Bureau. I am not usually a fan of  infographics but this is is exceptionally well done. Expert public speaking requires deliberate practice the same as any other skill. Here are some key tips I took away for entrepreneurs from the list but the entire infographic is worth a look.

Nine Tips For Expert Public Speaking

I have summarized what I thought were some of the key points and elaborated on a few based on my own experience.

  1. Be REAL
    Relevant to your audience
    Eloquent  with clear language
    Articulate with clear thinking
    Learned offering an expert perspective
  2. Structure you talk by starting with an overview and ending with a summary. If it’s a long talk summarize at the end of each section and again at the end.
  3. Rehearse enough to be fluid, but don’t memorize so that it sounds canned.
  4. Do at least two dry runs before one other person or a small audience, this can also be over the phone.
  5. Drink water well before the talk (30 to 90 minutes).
  6. Take a bio break a few minutes before the talk and do one last wardrobe check.
  7. Don’t cross your  arms or adopt the headwaiter post (one arm folded across your waist or chest.
  8. Pause at the beginning and periodically for effect.
  9. Only speak when you are looking at someone: eye contact keeps you naturally conversational. It’s OK to look at notes or the screen to help jog your memory, but only speak when you are looking at a person.

Three Ways To Extend Your Speech Beyond the Room

  1. Develop an article as a leave behind, often more effective than slides
  2. Record the talk and blog it including the audio.
  3. Have the talk transcribed and publish an edited transcript to complement the article and the audio.

You Have Four Ways To Generate Leads

  • What you say.
  • What you write.
  • What other people say or write about you.
  • Getting found when prospects are looking.

Public speaking can have a significant impact on your lead generation. A well prepared speech with an associated deck and article as leave behind is an asset, find ways to give it to at least three different audiences.


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