Sean Murphy Joins Kinetic River Advisory Board

Sean Murphy and SKMurphy, Inc. have enjoyed a decade-long association with Dr. Giacomo Vacca, founder of Kinetic River, who announced today that Sean has joined the KRC Advisory Board.

Sean Murphy Joins Kinetic River Advisory Board

Kinetic River announced on Tue-Mar-30 that Sean Murphy is joining their advisory board:

Sean Murphy Joins Kinetic River Advisory BoardWe are pleased to announce that Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy, Inc., has joined the Kinetic River Advisory Board. His company, located in Silicon Valley, is a strategic advisory firm specializing in market creation and new technology product introduction.

Before starting SKMurphy, Sean worked for Cisco Systems, 3Com, and AMD in a variety of engineering management, marketing, and business development roles. He holds a BS in Mathematical Sciences and an MS in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.

Dr. Giacomo Vacca said, “We are very happy to have Sean formally on our Advisory Board at KRC! Sean and Theresa Shafer at SKMurphy, Inc. helped us with business development years ago, and now they are back in our corner helping us take the next leap in growth.”

SKMurphy Take: I met Dr. Giacomo Vacca in early 2010 when he dropped by a Bootstrapper Breakfast in Mountain View. He was interested in bootstrapping a hardware startup that would develop laboratory equipment for life sciences applications. Two years later, I watched him give a thought-provoking presentation–and live demo of optical simulation software–on “Live Ideas: Interactive Medical Device Simulations” at the IEEE-CNSV Medical Device SIG. This  event description gives you a flavor for the talk (and you can see a version of his talk and the demo at

Have you ever iterated? You’re in good company. No product design is born perfect and complete. However, as development goes on, design changes and bug fixes become more and more costly and time-consuming. One of the most cost-effective ways to reduce these costs is to execute comprehensive system modeling early on.

Our design approach at Kinetic River can drastically reduce trial-and-error by providing interactive and intuitive system modeling tools. I will showcase Live Ideas, our approach for reducing development risks while making the design process a lot more fun.

Dr. Vacca’s insights into system design and the need for specialized tooling to enable rapid exploration of the design space left a lasting impression. I was astonished that flow cytometers combined optical, electrical, mechanical, and microfluidic building blocks. It was extraordinary that Dr. Vacca had relevant expertise in each of these disciplines, along with a deep understanding of cell biology. His breadth of perspective has enabled him to architect and prototype new instruments at the state of the art in life sciences. I have been fortunate to collaborate with him on BeamWise and was delighted when he asked me to join the group of high-caliber individuals who serve on the Kinetic River advisory board.

Wed-Mar-31 Dr Vacca Responds: Thanks Sean! I think it’s vital to have at the table people with diverse perspectives, and that’s one think I could always count on you for. You’ve helped us see things in a different light, and that has both enriched my own ability as an entrepreneur and allowed us to more effectively what-if several critical junctures. You and I don’t always agree (although always with the utmost mutual respect), and that makes your input all the more valuable.

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Image Credit: Kinetic River Corporation.

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