Newsletter V2021 Issue 2: Making Business Decisions in Uncertain Times

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At the very beginning of starting your company, there is a high level of uncertainty in many dimensions. This uncertainty can cause some entrepreneurs to stand still and others to avoid asking themselves questions that expose their ignorance and the uncertainties they need to address. Because we spend a lot of time in that uncertain emerging, possibly early market, we can ask questions that clarify your uncertainties and help people to make business decisions in uncertain times.

Making Business Decisions in Uncertain Times

This article collects some useful tips for making better business decisions that I have learned over the last 40 years


Entrepreneurs Need To See With Newcomer’s Eyes And Ask Stupid Questions

Fundamental questions allow you to explore new perspectives that can unlock new opportunities. Entrepreneurs can be unwilling to ask them–even of themselves–because of a label that is commonly applied: stupid questions.

7 Sets of Insights from “Organize for Complexity” by Niels Pflaeging

Here are seven sets of insights from “Organize for Complexity” by Niels Pflaeging that I found helpful for entrepreneurs scaling their startups and intrapreneurs driving change in large organizations.

Dr. Atul Gawande on Managing Complexity and Uncertainty

Dr. Gawande mentions three skills that are crucial for entrepreneurs to cultivate: judgment, mastery of teamwork, and accepting responsibility for the consequence of your decisions.

Startup Uncertainty at the very beginning

Working Capital Vol 1

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