Peer Advisory Group: Digital Health Consultants and Materials Science Engineers

Digital health and materials science engineering are driving significant new opportunities. We have a new peer advisory group for consultants operating in these areas.

Peer Advisory Group: Digital Health Consultants and Materials Science Engineers

Peer Advisory GroupTwo areas where we see a lot of opportunities are digital health and materials science startups. We are forming a new peer advisory group for consultants working on projects in these areas.

In digital health, it’s clear that change is underway driven by connectivity, increasing software content that enables richer and more appropriate behavior, and machine learning models that complement human expertise. The medical profession seems poised to re-invent key aspects of the medical device industry and medical device development.

The winners will leverage these “new” (what other industries call well-established) technologies. In the medical device development process, we see movement away from the “document filings” paradigm to systems of record.  In addition, we see software as intrinsic to many new medical devices, and these devices incorporating certified hardware and software components as part of managing the increasing complexity of devices and systems.  Finally we see three levels of systems:

    1. Patient level records integrating alarms and data streams
    2. Hospital or facility level (may also be an intermediate level of ward / floor )
    3. Metropolitan / county level systems for public health

In materials science, we see growth creating new applications leveraging the properties of matter. Nanotech and materials science applications combine the connections between the underlying structure of a material, its properties, processing methods, and performance in applications.  Materials science engineering has been under-appreciated in all of the focus on “the shift from atoms to bits” to borrow a phrase from Nicholas Negroponte. But we believe that the pendulum is swinging back and we may see substantial innovations on a par with semiconductor devices, LEDs, the planar process that enabled microchips, and low loss optical fiber that kicked off the design of high bandwidth wide area networks.

Contact us if you are interested in joining such a group.

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