Fall Workshop Schedule Announced

SKMurphy Fall 2008 Workshop Schedule includes “Getting More Customers” and “Engineering Your Sales Process.”

SKMurphy Fall 2008 Workshop Schedule

We have our fall 2008 workshop schedule up:

Thursday August 21, 2008 8:15-1:00pm Getting More Customers

Description: We will cover a variety of proven marketing techniques for growing your business: attendees will select two or three that fit their style and develop a plan to implement them in their business in the next 90 days. As a part of your workshop registration, we will also follow up via e-mail and brief phone calls at two weeks, four weeks, 8 weeks, and 13 weeks to help you track your progress. You will leave with a one page action plan, a workbook, and 90 days of access to a private workspace with the workshop materials to enable you to execute one or two marketing strategies to bring your business more customers.

Saturday Sept 13, 2008 8:15-1:00pm Great Demo

  • Where: Moorpark Hotel, 4241 Moorpark Ave, San Jose CA 95129
  • Cost: $95 before Sep-1 $125 before Sep-9 $250 until class
  • Fee includes breakfast, lunch, and a copy of Peter Cohan’s “Great Demo!” book.
  • Register: expired; event over

Description: This is an interactive workshop with Peter Cohan geared especially for startup entrepreneur. Bring a copy of your demo and be prepared to present it. As a part of your workshop registration, we will also follow up via e-mail and brief phone calls to track your progress.

Tuesday October 14, 2008 8:15-1:00pm Engineering Your Sales Process

Description: Building a repeatable sales process is key to a sustainable business, understanding how to scale your sales process is key to revenue growth. Learn how to synchronize your sales process with your customer buying process. We will look at ways to shorten your sales cycle. This highly interactive session allows you to analyze and debug your sales cycle.

December “Idea to Revenue” still finalizing date/location

If you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops you can sign up here. If these times/locations don’t work for you but you are interested in attending please give us feedback to help us picking better times/locations for workshops.

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