Clients in the News: Asentinel Acquires eMOBUS

eMOBUSAsentinelWe are as excited by eMOBUS’ recent acquisition by  Asentinel, a leading provider of lifecycle Technology and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions. It is wonderful to see all their hard work payoff. Congratulations team!

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We have been fortunate to be advisors to Moe Arnaiz, Walter Wong, and the team at eMOBUS since 2007. We helped them recruit major hires including Mathieu Guilmineau in 2009 as their first CTO. Overall we have provided strategic advice on business model, customer development, and software-enabled services to the executive team over the last eight years. Moe Arnaiz had some kind things to say about us in a 2012 case study:

From the beginning Sean challenged us to change our perspective from acting as an agent for the carrier to an advocate and trusted advisor for our customers. This resulted in a shift in our focus from procurement and transactions that migrated a customer onto a different carrier to a monthly service that monitored their business needs and current billing,  making adjustments as necessary to get them the most cost effective configuration with either their current carrier or a new one.

As we continued to work with SKMurphy they helped us to identify and explore opportunities where software-enabled solutions not only allowed us to scale the business but allowed us to focus on building long term relationships with our customers that provided recurring revenue.

I think two of the hardest challenges that a startup faces are hiring the right people and winning the early deals that establish credibility. Both of these problems are ultimately the CEO’s responsibility. Sean was available as needed, working nights and weekends when we did. What was surprising was that each new level of deal required us to learn a new way of selling.

We have other advisors whose sales, financial operations, and technology insights we value, I think where Sean has been most helpful was in thinking through and then executing the switch to a software-enabled services firm selling subscriptions from a rep firm focused on the next sales transaction.

It’s no accident the eMOBUS team has been able to bootstrap this entirely out of cash flow. They brought a deep understanding of cellular plans and expense management to their customers and from the beginning made a commitment to customer satisfaction that flowed from sales compensation plans to support procedures to their business operations software infrastructure.

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