IVALA Demos Echocardiography Simulator

IVALA‘s canine echocardiography simulator let’s you view a CT canine heart in any plane using your keyboard or the sensors from within your mobile phone. This is part of IVALA’s 3D Veterinary Learning Lab and their mission to “harness the power of the latest in 3D visualization technology to build confidence in clinical understanding and practice.”

IVALA Demos Echocardiography Simulator

Transcript (narration audio by Taimur Alavi)

IVALA‘s canine echocardiography simulator let’s you slice through a CT canine heart in any plane using either your keyboard or the sensors from within your mobile phone, directly within your mobile phone browser.

What you can see here on the screen, is a canine heart that’s been extracted from a CT scan. There are actually two of those here. What we’ve made it possible to do, is using the keyboard to actually move your probe and slice through the heart in any direction that you choose to. What this does is this creates a section through the heart, out of the top part here, and then what it’ll also do is it will give you a 2D picture in the top right corner as well. You might see it on an echo or ultrasound screen. Of course the utility of this project is to start to understand why different sections that you take through the 3 dimensional heart will give you the different pictures they do on a 2 dimensional ultrasound screen.

We’ve actually gone and taken this a step further. In this project, we’ve also made it possible to now connect to your mobile phone, and use the phone sensor data to control the probe that you see on the screen. Of course the idea behind this is that you can start to give your muscles the feel involved, and obtain the different views you’re trying to achieve, while performing an echocardiogram.

This is very much a preview concept:  we’ve got a lot more work to do on it. But we didn’t see a reason why we couldn’t make it available for you to play with it straight away. It’s now available for all of our beta users. It won’t take more than 15 seconds to connect your phone:  there are no wires needed, nothing to download. Full instructions will be on the site. I hope you get to use it, and enjoy it, and let us know what you think.

IVALA’s Vision

“Our patients are 3-dimensional, and the problems we deal with on a daily basis as a practitioner require us to engage with them that way. Like which way you need to derotate a stomach during a GDV; or the neuroanatomy that might be diseased given an abnormal cranial nerve reflex; or which way we need to tilt our ultrasound probe to give us a better view of the left adrenal. To date though, the majority of teaching material has focused on these concepts in just 2-dimensions. A concept that should be straightforward to understand, commit to memory and ultimately utilise for the benefit of our patients, all of a sudden isn’t.

We’re changing that”

Taimur – Veterinarian – Founder

SKMurphy Perspective on IVALA

We have acted as an advisor to Taimur Alavi for over a year now. He combines a number of skills–he is a practicing veterinarian, software architect, and a 3D modeling and interaction designer–that give him a unique perspective on not only the future of veterinary education but how veterinary practice will evolve. I think interactive 3D models will be used not only for fusion of multiple scanning modalities (e.g. ultrasound, x-ray, MRI) but also for surgical planning and rehearsal, custom printed prosthetics, and the design of custom printed analogs for arteries to allow surgeons to rehearse stent placement and fit.

We have helped with business development and competitive analysis and are excited to be able to contribute to a team that is having an impact on the next generation of veterinary medicine. I believe their mission–“To harness the power of the latest in 3D visualization technology to build confidence in clinical understanding and practice”–will lead them to influence the evolution of human medical care as well.

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