TaroWorks 4.2 Launches

taroworksTaroWorks announced version 4.2 with this overview video and has scheduled a webinar on Wed-Nov-18-2015 at 10am ET  to provide more details and answer questions. Key improvements are the ability to specify context-specific menu options and richer validation of free form input, including bar code scan values.

TaroWorks 4.2 Offers Context-Specific Menu Options And Richer Validation

New features include:

  • Context Specific Options:  Give your field staff access to “smarter” options in surveys with multiple hierarchy drill-downs that provide more context specific options.
  • Richer Validation: Add more validation rules for text and barcode questions, ensuring you get accurate inputs like e-mails and phone numbers.
  • Better Support for Statistical Analysis: Define and export codes for multiple choice responses for easier analysis in your favorite statistical analysis package.

The TaroWorks team has also scheduled  a webinar on Wed-Nov-18-2015 at 10am ET to provide more details an answer your question.

About TaroWorks

TaroWorks offers a suite of mobile data collection and analytics tools puts the data managers in social businesses need directly in their hands.  Real-time data, tailored for the needs of a social business with a geographically dispersed or itinerant workforce, is the best route to greater social impact. Launched in 2013, TaroWorks is a Grameen company that has assisted 70 social enterprises and non-profit organizations across 30 countries, supported over 200,000 micro-entrepreneurs, and improved the lives of over three million of the world’s poor. For more information about TaroWorks see

Our Support of TaroWorks

We have assisted Emily Tucker and the team at TaroWorks for the better part of two years. Our primary focus has been on helping the refine their sales process. We have helped the team to gather, organize, and analyze feedback from clients and prospects. This has resulted in improvements to their  sales and support processes and a number of case studies they have published either privately or on the website.

Not For Profit and Social Business Have to Market and Sell

We support several non-profit and social business firms that are incorporating technology into their service delivery or offering software products as a way of serving their target constituency. They have much in common with bootstrapper–who are also often driven by a strong sense of mission–they need to be very cost effective in their approach to sales and marketing and they need to understand what alternatives their customers compare them against and why they are selected.

We have done a number of private “Engineering Your Sales Process®” workshops for not for profit and social businesses as well as bootstrapping technology firms, please contact us  for a free office hours session if you are interesting in arranging one.



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