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Newsletter: Retrospectives, Post Mortems, and After Action Reviews

Written by Christ Ann Tabunar. Posted in 3 Early Customer Stage, 5 Scaling Up Stage

SKMurphy December 2015  Newsletter

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Retrospectives, Post Mortems, and After Action Reviews

The end of year is always a good time to look back and assess what you have accomplished and what you have learned doing so. This goes by several names: retrospectives, post mortems, and after action reviews being the most common. If you kept a copy of the goals you set for yourself for the year, comparing that list with your list of accomplishments may offer further opportunities for insight.


Moore’s Law Enables New Uses For Old Algorithms

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in skmurphy

Moore’s Law and the rise of cloud computing models that enable collaboration in networks of up to hundreds of thousands of individual CPUs on a single algorithm mean that old algorithms can find new applications and address much larger problems. I believe that this will have as profound an impact on knowledge work over the next two decades as the personal computer did transforming clerical jobs in the 80’s and 90’s.

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