SKMurphy Perspective Counterbalances Excess Pessimism or Optimism

Scott Swaaley of MakeSafe Tools describes how Sean Murphy of SKMurphy, Inc. helps him close deals, counterbalancing his excess pessimism when it’s not warranted.

SKMurphy Perspective Counterbalances Excess Pessimism or Optimism

SKMurphy's Perspective Counterbalances Excess Pessimism or Optimism

“When working on a deal with a customer, Sean Murphy acts as a counterbalance. When I am frustrated about a deal, Sean brings a positive perspective.. When I am really excited about a deal, Sean points out both the risks we need to manage in a final agreement and the work left to be done, so I don’t get ahead of myself. Between the two of us, we always converge on an objective answer and a better approach. “

Scott Swaaley, Founder and CEO at MAKESafe Tools

SKMurphy Take: while salespeople work to make quota, the stakes for founders are much higher, they work to make payroll. This can put a lot of pressure on founders, which complicates the process mastering a new but necessary expertise: closing deals. I try to help them turn their sales efforts in an approach they can teach and manage. This means paying attention to intuition and emotion as a guide for discovery efforts, but looking at the facts and making an accurate assessment. First time entrepreneurs are surprised by the level of emotional chaos getting a startup off the ground can inject into their life. This can lead to excess pessimism from time to time–and less often an excess of optimism. Gathering an advisory group of other entrepreneurs and experts can help, as can treating your spouse or significant other as a member of your board of directors.

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