Rave Reviews for Theresa Shafer 2021

Clients offer rave reviews for Theresa Shafer after working with her on content development and lead generation projects.

Rave Reviews for Theresa Shafer 2021


Rav Reviews for Theresa Shafer


“Theresa Shafer is superb at marketing and website development for technical organizations. I met Theresa several years as we were both involved in Silicon Valley engineering events. We both belong to the Professional & Technical Consultants Association (PACTA), Silicon Valley’s longest operating non-profit professional association dedicated to serving independent consultants and the client companies that use them. In 2020, I hired Theresa to assist me in several marketing activities, including presentations, blogs, LinkedIn, and website updates. I am happy to report that my company, Zeta Scientific LLC, gained increased visibility and new clients. Above all, I am impressed with Theresa’s ability to understand my unique technical business and plan. Theresa would be a real asset in marketing and website development to grow a technical company. It is a pleasure to work with Theresa.” – JoAnne Moody

“Theresa really understands the needs of our business and is able to quickly create very professional material from the rough drafts and disorganized inputs we provide to her. She has the technical background to understand the challenges we face and the project management skills to pull together many details into a coherent program. Theresa is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.” – Aaron Joseph, Sunstone Pilot, Inc

“I hired Theresa to create a survey tool for me for my book Wired for Authenticity. What I liked best about Theresa is how she was as passionate about the project as I was. She took full ownership, always went the extra mile to make sure that the details were taken care of. The quality and timeliness of her delivery was outstanding. I would highly recommend Theresa.” – Henna Inam, Transformational Leadership Inc

“Theresa doesn’t just work FOR her clients. She becomes an integral part of their operation. I’ve worked with her long enough to know she really cares about the success of the companies she works for. And always looks for new ways to achieve that–ways her clients may not have the time or experience to even consider. Every company should want to work with somebody as dedicated as Theresa!” – Chris Finnie, Chris Finnie Communications

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