Vicky Hora on Awesome Coaching and Mentoring

Four excerpts from a fantastic briefing at the Lean Culture Meetup by Vicky Hora on coaching and mentoring.

Vicky Hora on Awesome Coaching and Mentoring

Recently Vicky Hora spoke to the Lean Culture meetup on coaching and mentoring.

Coaching and mentoring are different from consulting and one-way advising. It aims at evoking insights, self-discovery, and personal growth through partnering and co-creating the possibilities and outcomes. Here are a few of the key skills he talked about.

In the clip below Vicky defines coaching for us.

Vicky shares a key skill in coaching: 3 levels of listening.

Use “what” and “how” to ask powerful questions.

Awesome Coaching and Mentoring

Full talk

Slides (pdf)

More about Vicky Hora

Vicky has been an Inspiring Technologist, Servant Leader, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor and Design Thinker to the people and teams that he has served in organizations during his versatile career spanning 22+ years. He has played dynamic roles in areas of Professional Services, Technology, Project & Program Management, Customer Success, Sales, Business and Enterprise Agility Coaching and Scaled Agility Transformations.

Vicky has worked with some of the amazing companies across Technology, Manufacturing, Insurance, Telecom and Enterprise Management Cloud domains.

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Image Credit: Vicky Hora

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