Customer Discovery Framework

SKMurphy’s bootcamp provides a proven Customer Discovery Framework for validating your idea with prospects to determine the real market need.

Customer Discovery Framework

Customer Discovery Framework

The SKMurphy Customer Discovery Bootcamp provides a framework for making customer discovery interviews. We draft emails, interview questions, talk about how to do the outreach and how to find prospects.

This course is for startup founders who have heard they should do customer discovery but are unsure where to get started, where to find people, and what to say.

Proven Customer Discovery Framework

  • Define the product/service.
  • Prepare various forms of sales pitches.
  • Validate the problem with prospects to determine their needs accurately.

Guided Customer Discovery Journey

We guide you through each step of the process.  Every week you get videos and homework, which we review and improve as a group. Attendees say that the group review helps them improve to give the best chance for success. It allows for fast iteration and good progress.

Defining the product/service

  • Prepare and refine your interview and discovery questions.
  • Learn how to activate your network for referrals.
  • Provide enough value to interview subjects so that they offer referrals.
  • Go to school on competitors,  alternatives, and what prospects view as the status quo.
  • If there is not a buyer’s guide for your product category, write the buyer’s guide.

Preparing sales pitches and validating the idea

Making a pitch when asked – offer is a result (problem data for result / $ for result)

  • One page pitch
  • 6 slide pitch
  • 6 page website
  • Other profiles: e.g. LinkedIn

Outreach plan – organizing your efforts

  • Outreach go-to-market plan
  • Sales process
  • Richer website

Key Take Aways

  • Learn how to validate customer demand
  • Validate that you are focused on the right customer for your product or service
  • Define which features will be most important for your customers
  • Understand if you are solving a big enough problem for customers that they will buy
  • Consider the best ways to go to market based on your customers’ habits and practices

SKMurphy Take: The last bootcamp was a lot of fun, I am so excited to do our next one.

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