Customer Discovery Bootcamp for Market Exploration


Customer Discovery Bootcamp

Customer Discovery Bootcamp for Market Exploration

Customer Discovery is critical if you want to create a product or service that serves potential customers’ needs, pain points, and challenges. Entrepreneurs can use Customer Discovery at any point in a startup’s journey; however, the early-stage discovery step is the most important.

Spending time, money, and energy on an idea you never validated with potential customers is a risky approach. The biggest reason that startups fail is there is little need (and therefore market) for their product. Testing your product idea with Customer Discovery before making significant investments allows you to learn faster and improve your ultimate chance for product-market fit and success.

What past attendees say:

“Just finished the amazing six-week “Customer Discovery” Bootcamp with SKMurphy. I took many business courses over the years, including ones from some of the best colleges, but so far this was one of the few most valuable workshops.

The course length and structure were excellent in guiding us, step by step, from defining the product/service, preparing various forms of pitches, and validating the idea with real contacts. Each session was a great combination of a short video preview and homework prior to the class, in-depth discussion among the SKMurphy team and fellow Bootcamp participants, and feedback.

SKMurphy team was also extremely generous in sharing their tools (pitch examples, contact progress sheet, etc.) in preparing entrepreneurs for this customer discovery journey. I highly recommend it to any startup team.”

– Chako Ando

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This bootcamp is modeled on our peer advisory program but focused specifically on the challenges of creating a product or service that serves the needs, pain points, and challenges of potential customers.

It’s a kickoff plus six weekly meetings of 90 minutes where we help you review and work through your market exploration.

The format is the inverted classroom model: content and homework are presented in advance, class time is used to review and refine the answers you developed for your business.

What you will walk away with?


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