5 Reasons We Welcome Guest Authors Our Blogs

Writing a blog takes time and can be difficult as you get busy. We often invite guest writers to contribute content. Besides giving us a break from having to write everything ourselves, they also: Bring fresh content Bring fresh perspective Infuse their passion Build trust Bring new audiences So thank [...]

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It’s useful to think very deeply about a situation but beyond a certain level of effort or length of time you need to do some drifting and recharge. I think you need a mental circuit breaker for detecting an impasse and triggering activities that can lead to a change in perspective. [...]

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Travelling Hopefully

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a great essay establishing goals in life and working toward them called "El Dorado" in 1888. Here are two quotes--one from the opening paragraph and one from the closing--that give you a flavor for the essay (emphasis added): We live in an ascending scale when we [...]

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