Crucial Customer Development Concepts At GITPRO Sat-Jun-18

I have been invited to speak at the Global Indian Technical Professional (GITPRO) on “Crucial Customer Development Concepts” this Saturday June 18.  I will outline key customer development insights and some rules of thumb for successful innovation in Silicon Valley. I will cover concepts that form the basis for conventional wisdom on customer development in Silicon Valley. These concepts provide the terms, the metaphors, the parables–in short the language–that successful high technology firms use to develop their plans and monitor their execution.

There will also be a talk by B.V. Jagadeesh on “Lessons Learned Starting, Leading, and Succeeding at Multiple Startups.” Mr Jagadeesh co-founded Fouress, co-founded Exodus Communications, was CEO at NetScalar (and stayed on during it’s acquisition by Citrix as a VP/GM),  was  president and CEO of 3Leaf Systems, and is today  president and CEO of Virtela.  He is an accomplished entrepreneur (more details on LinkedIn and CrunchBase) and I look forward to his talk

Where: HP Bldg 48 Oak room,  19111 Pruneridge Ave  Cupertino, CA
Sat-Jun-18 4:45 to 6:45
More Info:
Cost: Free, but please RSVP at

GITPRO is the brainchild of Khanderao Kand who was kind enough to invite me to speak. He runs MyBantu and blogs at and

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