Quotes For Entrepreneurs–July 2011

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I Heard You Went to Stanford

I don’t often mention I went to Stanford when I meet people. I list it on all of my standard biographical summaries since it’s part of the formula, but I don’t lead with it. It’s rare to meet someone who attended Harvard or MIT not mention that in the first [...]

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Len Sklar: Be Clear About Payment Terms And Consequences

Len Sklar, author "The Check is NOT in the Mail"  has spoken several times at Bootstrapper Breakfasts.  Here is a recent talk he gave where he stresses the importance of putting payment terms and the consequences on non-payment in writing, communicating them in advance, and ensuring that they are understood. [...]


"Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance" A variation on the 7P British Army Adage Clients are surprised at the amount of rehearsal we encourage.  It's because we have learned the hard way how rare and difficult a thing it is to successfully recover from a poor public presentation or a [...]

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Why We Like Trade Shows

Why We Like Trade Shows If your prospects are accustomed to attending industry trade shows and conferences it's normally worth exhibiting. Trade shows  are one of the few venues where you can sell directly and explicitly and it's accepted by prospects. If they walk up to your trade show booth [...]

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Narrative Rationality: Be Mindful Of Your Self-Description

Pay attention to self-description: the story you tell yourself and about yourself. Cultivate productive habits that don't require conscious decisions. "It is a profoundly erroneous truism, repeated by all copy books and by eminent people when they are making speeches, that we should cultivate the habit of thinking of what [...]

A Simple Sales Schema

A schema is a conceptual model that offers an organizing principle for how business buyers evaluate and purchase. The challenge is to match your sales effort to where they are in the process. Doug Hall's Three Laws of Marketing Physics Jerry Weissman's Power Presentations John Boyd's OODA Loop Simple Schema [...]

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Reminder: Book Club July 13 Community of Practice

The Book Club for Business Impact looks at "Communities of Practice" Wed-Jul-13 from Noon to 1pm PDT. I think the key difference between social networks, communities of interest, and communities of practice is that a community of practice has a focus on shared learning. Entrepreneurs of all sorts should consider [...]

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