Look Forward


They sit there forever on the dim horizon of my mind, that Stonehenge circle of elderly disapproving Faces—Faces of the Uncles and Schoolmasters and Tutors who frowned on my youth.

In the bright center and sunlight I leap, I caper, I dance my dance; but when I look up, I see they are not deceived. For nothing ever placates them, nothing ever moves to a look of approval that ring of bleak and contemptuous Faces.

Logan Pearsall SmithTrivia

It’s hard to fix what’s happened in the past.

Look forward.

I meet too many early stage entrepreneurs who are still trying to win an argument with a former team or company (“those fools at the Institute”) that they used to work for. An argument that is only taking place in their own mind.

Here is a simple test. When you visualize succeeding do you see yourself going back to where you worked before to rub it in or being congratulated by the people your product has helped.

Look forward.

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