Find A Peer Group Who is Interested In What You Have To Say


“My own view is,” I began, but no one listened.

At the next pause, “I always say,” I remarked, but again the loud talk went on.

Someone told a story. When the laughter had ended, “I often think—”; but looking round the table I could catch no friendly or attentive eye. It was humiliating, but more humiliating the thought that Sophocles and Goethe would have always commanded attention, while the lack of it would not have troubled Spinoza or Abraham Lincoln.

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Find A Peer Group Interested In What You Have To Say

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely activity. Translating an insight into a successful product in the market requires both the ability to reflect and the ability to adapt and refine your ideas. One advantage that a peer group can offer is a diversity of perspectives, another is to offer the right question when you are stuck to help you see the path again. You have to take the time to refine your ideas and hone their presentation, but a supportive group of peers can often help you continue to refine and improve it.

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