Webinar Replay: Innovator’s DNA Experimenting Skill

Michael Fern, Edith Harbaugh, Steve Hogan, and Sean Murphy discuss the Innovator’s DNA experimenting skill.

Innovator’s DNA Experimenting Skill

About the Innovator’s DNA Webinar Series

This is the final installment of a five part webinar series I hosted with Steve Hogan on “The Innovator’s DNA” by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen,and Clayton Christensen. I think it was the best book on innovation and entrepreneurship for 2011 and it remains the best book on the skills and mindset needed for innovation I have read. It’s useful for any team that is trying to innovate. Each webinar will be in a roundtable format and include first time entrepreneurs and experienced innovators discussing lessons learned applying the five key discovery skills described in the book.

Our guests:

  • Michael Fern
  • Edith Harbaugh

Innovator’s DNA Webinar Series

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