Next Customer Discovery Bootcamp Starts in January 2024

We are offering a new round of our popular “Customer Discovery Bootcamp” session starting in January of 2024

Next Customer Discovery Bootcamp Starts in January 2024

This bootcamp is a chance to craft offers and close deals.
It’s six working sessions with peer entrepreneurs, facilitated by Sean Murphy.
It will help you understand who will pay for your product or service and get feedback first from peers and then from prospects.
We will help you to leverage your experience, accomplishments, and existing relationships to move your startup forward.

Customer Discovery Bootcamp

What We Cover

SKMurphy’s Customer Discovery Bootcamp is a six week program where we help you review

  • Outreach message in email / forums
    • Target Customer
    • Problem/Need
    • Message
    • Who or Where to send message
    • Rough outline for customer interview (3-6 questions)
  • Preparing for and debriefing from customer interviews.
  • Demo and Sales pitch
  • Website messaging
  • Creating and managing a basic sales process that the founders run
  • Lead generation models

It’s an inverted classroom model where you watch some short pre-recorded lessons and then apply them as homework to your startup. We then have a live Zoom session with three to six entrepreneurs where for 90-120 minutes we walk around your answers (or results of your discovery efforts) and help you refine your approach.

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Cost is $140.

The inverted classroom model means that the videos and worksheets for preparation work for the first session are available now for you to apply to your startup idea. Sign up today and indicate your availability and we will put small groups together at mutually convenient times.  Signup now (Cost is $140)

What past attendees say:

“Just finished the amazing six-week “Customer Discovery” Bootcamp with SKMurphy. I took many business courses over the years, including ones from some of the best colleges, but so far this was one of the few most valuable workshops.

The course length and structure were excellent in guiding us, step by step, from defining the product/service, preparing various forms of pitches, and validating the idea with real contacts. Each session was a great combination of a short video preview and homework prior to the class, in-depth discussion among the SKMurphy team and fellow Bootcamp participants, and feedback.

SKMurphy team was also extremely generous in sharing their tools (pitch examples, contact progress sheet, etc.) in preparing entrepreneurs for this customer discovery journey. I highly recommend it to any startup team.”

– Chako Ando

“After building a SaaS product as a technical founder, I came to accept that prospects will not come by themselves. There is just no way around introducing your product to the market. I just needed to figure out where to start. And how.

This course gave me a framework that showed me how to ask the right questions, figure out the content, identify the target audience, and address it appropriately. Each session builds on the foundation laid by the previous ones, and they not only gave me a structure but challenged me to improve on the work I prepared.

I met wonderful and sophisticated people in this mastermind group setup, which helped me gain new, unbiased perspectives and broaden my overall knowledge. Regular meetings kept me motivated and took a comfortable pace.”  –

— Norbert Korny

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Cost is $140

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