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In the Beginning Was the Doodle: Defining Startup Intellectual Property

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Legal Issues, skmurphy

Pete Tormey’s ebook “Startup Guide to Intellectual Property: Early Stage Protection of IP” is a great resource for founders on startup intellectual property. This blog post includes excerpts from the “Protecting IP Early” Chapter of Pete’s book. They cover some of the basic concepts of intellectual property and how to protect it early in your […]

Ogden Lilly 1948-2017

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in skmurphy

Ogden Lilly passed away suddenly on Sun-May-14-2017. He worked as an accountant for 47 years at a firm that ultimately added his name to the masthead. I have relied on his advice and counsel for more than two decades and feel his loss keenly on a personal and a professional level.

Transcript From Elena Krasnoperova’s Learning Hacks for Bootstrappers

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Founder Story, skmurphy

The following is an edited transcript of Elena Krasnoperova‘s “Learning Hacks for Bootstrappers” briefing at the Bootstrapper Breakfast on Fri-Dec-2-2016. She had a “cheat sheet” she handed out that is interleaved here in her remarks. We have added hyperlinks where they help to clarify or elaborate on her remarks. 

Quotes For Entrepreneurs December 2016

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Quotes, skmurphy

A collection of quotes of interest and use to entrepreneurs: these quotes for entrepreneurs were identified in December 2016. You can follow @skmurphy to get these quotes for entrepreneurs hot off the mojo wire or wait until they are collected in a blog post at the end of each month. Enter your E-mail address if you […]

15 Years After 9-11, Four After Benghazi

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in skmurphy

15 years after the 9-11-2001 attack on New York that left some 3,000 Americans dead and 4 years after the 9-11-2012 attack on a US diplomatic mission in Benghazi left four dead including a US ambassador it’s time for a look back. As to what difference this may make, George Santayana advises “those who cannot […]

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