EDA Bloggers’ BoF at ICCAD 2008 Wed-Nov-12 4-6pm in Fir Room

There will be be a birds of feather meeting for EDA bloggers at ICCAD 2008 on Wed-Nov-12-2008 at 4-6pm in the Fir Room.

EDA Bloggers’ BoF at ICCAD 2008 Wed-Nov-12 4-6pm in Fir Room

As I mentioned last month, there is an EDA Bloggers Birds of a Feather at the 2008 ICCAD Conference.

It will be this Wednesday November 12, 4-6pm in the Fir Ballroom. It’s listed in the ICCAD program as an additional meeting: EDA Bloggers’ Birds-of-a-Feather

If you are interested in learning more about blogging or how it’s affecting the evolution of the EDA industry, please attend and lend your ears and your perspective. There will be plenty of time for a serious conversation with a number of bloggers from different points on the EDA compass–users, vendors, journalists, consultants…

Please contact me if you are interested in attending and want to put some questions or topics on the list for the open discussion forum.


  1. Promote blogging in EDA / ASIC Design Industry
  2. Allow bloggers to meet and get to know one another in a community of practice setting.
  3. Educate interested parties, readers and others interested in blogging.


  1. Opening remarks Juan-Antonio Carballo (our sponsor for the event at ICCAD)
  2. One Minute intro by each attendee: Name, Company/Affiliation, Blog; Can Suggest Issues or Discussion Topics.
  3. Three minute Lightning Talks
  4. Open Discussion

Confirmed presenters (in alphabetical order by last name)

Cost: Free (since this a related event at ICCAD , it will not require ICCAD registration to attend).

There is a mailing list for EDA bloggers at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/edabloggers/ It’s is a very low traffic (1-2 messages a month) moderated E-mail distribution list for announcements and other notices of general interest to EDA Blogging community. It’s intended to help coordinate Birds of a Feather and other events for bloggers at EDA related conferences and other venues.

Most folks are choosing to talk about different aspects of what they have learned from blogging. This is a good cross section of folks and their talks should jumpstart a variety of interesting discussions in the two hours that we have.

From Original Call for Presenters: Possible Topics

Possible Topics for Lightning Talks (many of these came from prep for DAC BoF)

  • Why I started a blog
  • Blogging on topics that are not covered enough (e.g. DFT)
  • Online magazines, vendor communities, “DeepChip”, and blogs: what each is good for.
  • Blogging Standards Efforts
  • Blogging Conferences
  • Good Topics that I really want to write about, but am afraid to.
  • How to build and track audience.
  • Pros and cons of comments.
  • Team blogging. (multiple authors contributing to one blog)
  • Micro-blogging: Twitter, Tumblr and others
  • Lessons Learned from Blogging
  • For readers: how to find and follow blogs.

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  5. Harry, I believe there will be several summaries posted. It was a very good session that covered a number of topics. We had a chance to address a number of practical issues related to blogging as well as speculate a little on the future of both the EDA industry and social media. It was a delight to meet several folks and be able to “put a face to the name/e-mail.” I will get my summary up by next week.

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