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Here are two explainer videos Verdafero has produced: the first is intended for REIT executives, the second for general managers of hotels. They condense key symptoms for a customer need or problem and the impact of Verdafero on the bottom line.

Verdafero Explainer Video

These were both done using fiverr and were very inexpensive. But in two and half to three minutes to communicate the essential benefits Verdafero offers for utility cost management.

David is a new VP of construction for a hotel and lodging REIT


Meet David, David is the new Vice President of construction for a hotel and lodging real estate investment trust. He’s in charge of capital expense projects for the 97 hotels across the US. To increase the investment trust value David knows that a good place to find operational cost savings is within a hotel’s monthly utility expenses. He knows that any savings on operational expenses increases the hotel’s net operating income and have a significant effect on his asset value. All hotels have monthly utility expenses, but some are more efficient at using these resources than others. From hotel experience David knows that are many factors that affect the utility usage within a hotel including weather, occupancy rates, meals served, events et cetera. He also knows that before he can make good decisions on which hotels are in need of his attention he has to look at all his properties equally, to find properties which if fixed could return savings, increase profits, and increase the value of the property.

He can’t afford the time and effort each month to capture and effectively analyze all the property’s utility data streams from all his multiple properties spread across multiple time zones and locations. David needs to help spot problems and make these capital improvement decisions quickly and efficiently while tracking improvements over time to be able to report the savings to his board at their monthly meetings. Luckily David has heard about Verdafero’s utility analytics platform and realizes how it can help. David sign up an easy sets up account, adds details of his hotels, and uploads his utility billing data into Verdafero’s utility analytics platform. Now with Verdafero, David can constantly track, analyze, visualize, and report all these utility meters and billing data from all his portfolio of hotels automatically.

David now has the power of utility analytics at the touch of a button, importantly he can see all his hotels utility usage, and analyze the weather attributes and differences on a single screen for easy comparison by per square foot, per guest room, per percent occupancy, and meals served. Resources and efficient hotels now show up at the touch of a button helping David make good sound financial decisions based on good data. Within a short period of time David identifies several income properties that need his attention, he instructs his head facility manager to start implementing specific efficiency projects to help reduce usage and operational cost within his portfolio. Quickly, David sees the fruits of his labor across many of his hotel properties through a decrease in operational expenses, and increase in net operating income, and the resulting increase in asset value. No more guessing where he should go versus capital improvements for David, now he has information at his fingertips.

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Meet John. John is the general manager of a large hotel.


Meet John. John is the general manager of a large hotel. A few years ago John wanted to get his operational cost under control and after seeking advice from a consultant, John decided to make some changes and install more energy efficient lighting, upgrade his air conditioning units in the guestrooms as well as implement a number of other energy saving technologies. The consultant calculated that these technologies would save almost ten percent of the hotel’s annual energy bills. Now a year after all these projects have been completed, John is a bit confused.

Looking at his bills from his utility company, John is only seeing a reduction of about 6.3 percent in his annual energy usage. John would like to understand after all this expense, why he’s not seeing the ten percent reduction in energy use he expected. With 101 things to do each day, John does not have the time to look deeper into his energy analysis. There are several things that could affect how much energy John’s hotel was using over the course of the year. The weather was very different this year compared to last year. The occupancy of the hotel is also different this year compared to last year.

Just looking at your utility bills does not take into account these external factors. Luckily John has heard about Verdafero’s Utility Analytics platform from a friend in the hospitality industry and how it might be able to help. John signs up and easily set up an account, added details of his hotel and uploaded his utility billing data into Verdafero’s Utility Analytics platform and within minutes he had his answers. Just taking the difference in weather across the two years into account, John saw that the energy savings were 8.7 percent.

When John also added the analysis for the difference in hotel occupancy, the actual savings were 9.3 percent, not the original 6.3 percent he calculated from his utility bills. Now John is happy that the money he spent doing the upgrades are really paying off and his boss will be happy. Now with Verdafero, John can constantly track, analysis, visualize and report all his utility meters and billing data from his hotel automatically and be alerted to any problems immediately. John now has the power of utility analytics at the touch of a button to help him make the most efficient use of his capital to reduce operational costs, increase net operating income and in the process, increase the value of his hotel.

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Note: SKMurphy has been an advisor to Verdafero since 2010.

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