Founder Story: Steven Kim of

An interview with Steven Kim, founder of which provides very well written summaries of business and personal improvement books. I think his summary of the Lean Startup is by far the best and most useful, I profiled it last year in “E-Book Summary for Lean Startup”  […]

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How Do I Move From Being Capable to Offering Expert Consulting?

Offering expert consulting means developing a specialization and focus that enable you to execute with distinction. The phrases “finding the niche for your product” and “product market fit” are essentially equivalent. A key definition of a market is that members reference each other’s buy decisions and therefore building up a [...]

Something Ventured: Make Money and Change the World for the Better

One documentary worth watching to get some context on the history of entrepreneurship and venture capital is “Something Ventured.” It’s a series of interviews with venture capitalists talking about their investments and their risk mitigation strategies in the 1950’s through 1970’s. It’s clear that they paid a lot of attention [...]

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A Childhood Memory or Two

I had strong memory this morning of riding my bike down a hill on the street in front of our house. The air was skin warm and after the heat of the summer was a delightful caress, going downhill I did not have to pedal and it was like flying. [...]

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Dark Watchman vs. The Architect of Fear

This is a republished version of a blog post I did originally on July-21-2008 on the blog. It’s a meditation on fighting terrorism and creating a common enemy to foster collaboration. Architect of fear has a dual meaning: both the terrorist (e.g. the Joker in the movie “The Dark [...]

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