Etienne Garbugli on Opportunities: Finding New Products

Etienne Garbugli looks at finding product opportunities, and how entrepreneurs deliver value and gain a foothold inside businesses.

From Needs to Opportunities:
How to Unpack Organizational Decision-Making to
Find New Product Opportunities by Etienne Garbugli

How do needs first appear inside organizations? What causes business stakeholders to agree to buy new, unproven technology?

In this hour-long discussion, Etienne looks at how needs and product opportunities first appear inside organizations, and how ambitious entrepreneurs can unpack organizational decision-making processes to deliver value and gain a foothold inside businesses.

Etienne Garbugli is a 3-time Startup Founder (Flagback, HireVoice and Highlights), a 5-time entrepreneur and a recognized customer research expert.

Thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators around the world are using his books (Lean B2B, The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook, and Solving Product) to build and grow their businesses.

Etienne Garbugli highlights some opportunities for startups:

  • Addressing emerging needs
  • Solving immediate pains
  • Address needs with greater precision
  • Introducing solutions that aren’t compete

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