Most Powerful Insights are Simple

"Little by little, one travels far" J.R.R. Tolkien Theresa Shafer, one of my partners in SKMurphy, advised me recently that "most powerful insights are simple."  It was by way of encouragement to simplify and focus my blog posts. She continued her critique:  "If you can't get your point across in [...]

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5 Reasons We Welcome Guest Authors Our Blogs

Writing a blog takes time and can be difficult as you get busy. We often invite guest writers to contribute content. Besides giving us a break from having to write everything ourselves, they also: Bring fresh content Bring fresh perspective Infuse their passion Build trust Bring new audiences So thank [...]

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Fall Back 2

"The time will come when Winter will ask you what you were doing all Summer." Henry Clay I took the extra hour I had today and  made a list of  a few key things I want to accomplish before the end of the year. Many of these I can use [...]

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DAC 2010 Blog Coverage Roundup

Here is my roundup of blog posts about the 2010 Design Automation Conference. You can also follow the #47DAC hashtag on twitter for breaking announcements during the conference. Last year's roundup is available a DAC 2009 Blog Coverage Roundup. Original intro: If you write a blog post that reviews an [...]

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How Can I Improve This Blog?

Please use my contact form to let me know  "What Should I Do To Improve the SKMurphy Blog?" and enter enter your name and E-mail if you are open to answering my questions about your suggestion. Update June 28: Dave Concannon really made my day with this tweet Sean Murphy's [...]

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Use Wikis for Team Projects

Wikis dissolve voice and authorship. Use them where there are rewards and incentives at a team level, where a team is being held accountable for a result. Blogs and forums preserve voice and authorship. Use them where knowing who said what is important. Start with frequently updated information that is [...]

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Sean Murphy – I Don’t Read Him Regularly, But I Hear That I Should

In a long and somewhat rambling blog post "Customer Development and the Lean Startup," that contains a long laundry list of resources for entrepreneurs on Customer Development and Lean Startup resources, Yury Tsukerman lists "the key players" and drops this short comment Sean Murphy – I don’t read him regularly, [...]

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DAC 2009 Blog Coverage Roundup

See DAC 2010 Blog Coverage Roundup for 2010 Roundup. Sunday Events Daniel Payne on  Sunday at DAC - What really happens in the Press Room? Grant Martin on "Day 0 of DAC...Welcome Reception" Richard Goering on "Gary Smith's Prescription for Explosive Growth" Frank Schirrmeister on "#46DAC Is On The Way...With [...]

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EDA Bloggers 2009

This is an update of my May 28, 2008 post "Bloggers Covering Design Automation" which I have subsequently updated in place approximately every two weeks for the last 13 months. The list was originally about 60 and has grown since then. At the time I started tracking blogs, neither Cadence [...]

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Three Most Popular Posts So Far

We have a little over 400 posts up on the blog since we started with "Welcome Entrepreneurs" on October 1, 2006. I thought I would offer some guidance to newer readers on which have been the most popular. I have looked at popularity through three lenses: feed clickthroughs, unique page [...]

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