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Entrepreneurs Need Gumption To Succeed

Gumption is the ability to continue to try new things with confidence, in spite of past failures. Entrepreneurs need this to debug problems and build things that don't exist--yet. Entrepreneurs Have Confidence, Inspire Teamwork, Plan for Iteration, and Focus on Impact We've recently gone through a mid-year re-planning exercise and [...]

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Quotes for Entrepreneurs–February 2017

I collect quotes for entrepreneurs from a variety of sources and tweet them on @skmurphy about once a day where you can get them hot off the mojo wire. At the end of each month I curate them in a blog post that adds commentary and may contain a longer passage from [...]

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SKMurphy Newsletter

  Subscribe to the SKMurphy  Newsletter We publish an E-Mail newsletter several times a year. Each issue contains four informative articles around a common theme. You can subscribe using the form to the right to have it delivered fresh to your mailbox. SKMurphy Newsletter Archive 2018 October Lessons Learned from 12 [...]

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