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Hiring A Startup’s First Sales Person

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Customer Development, skmurphy

Gabriel Weinberg is a serial entrepreneur (latest startup: DuckDuckGo), an insightful blogger, and quality contributor to Hacker News. He is writing a book on how startups get traction due out this summer that includes interviews with folks like Patrick McKenzie, Jimmy Wales, and Paul English to collect lessons learned from a variety of perspectives. I was […]

Your First Dozen Enterprise Customers

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 3 Early Customer Stage, 4 Finding your Niche, Customer Development, Demos, Lead Generation, Rules of Thumb, Sales, skmurphy

My interview with Gabriel Weinberg was originally published Sep-8-2010. He was doing research for what became his fantastic book Traction. We talked for the better part of an hour and a half and I can remember he kept returning in different ways to what was needed to close your first dozen enterprise customers. He recently […]

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Written by Theresa Shafer on . Posted in

Want to read more? Here is a sitemap of additional SKMurphy content A Advisory Board Angel Funding Appreciative Inquiry B Bootstrappers Breakfast Blogging Business Cards Business Development Business Model Business Strategy Buy Process C Cohan’s Great Demo Compelling Demonstrations Consulting Customer Development Customer Support D Design Automation E Early Adopters Early Customers Early Market Early […]

Video: Early Revenue For Enterprise Web Apps

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 3 Early Customer Stage, Events, skmurphy

This webinar is for SaaS firms faced with an “enterprise sales” challenge by virtue of their minimum price point or number of job boundaries, business processes, or contractual relationships that have to change to create value. The focus is on early revenue. Here is the video from my February 24 webinar with DreamSimplicity on “Early Sales […]

Keeping the Ball Rolling With Prospects

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 2 Open for Business Stage, 3 Early Customer Stage, 4 Finding your Niche, Consulting Business, Customer Development, skmurphy

Most of our clients offer complex software products, frequently in combination with some amount of consulting services. Their sales are not the results of credit card transactions but a complex orchestrated sales process. Frequently their prospects need to see a custom demonstration or a benchmark that relies on their own data, not just the standard […]

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