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Tristan Kromer on Testing Customer and Value Hypotheses

These are excerpts from  Episode 9 of Outlier on Air: Tristan Kromer, A Lean Approach to Business.  They are in the same sequence the took place in the interview but a number of stories and asides have been omitted to focus on what I felt were some extremely valuable insights from Tristan [...]

Circle the Chairs

Brian Fuller had an interesting blog post on why you should circle the chairs in a meeting to increase audience participation at "Industry events need to get more social." Panels and speeches at events are the live equivalent of newspaper publishing: We talk, you listen. Newspapers and magazines have been [...]

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Where To Find Us in December 2013

The regular schedule for the Bootstrapper Breakfast fit nicely with the holidays this December. One around the table question we will ask at all three December breakfasts is, "What did you learn in 2013 that will make you more effective as an entrepreneur in 2014?" Fri Dec 6 7:30am Bootstrapper Breakfast Palo [...]

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Sean Murphy to Moderate Panel “Will Work for Equity – the World of Startups” at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

EVENT ADVISORY for San Jose, CA – Sean Murphy, CEO at SKMurphy, will host the "Will Work For Equity - the World of Startups" panel discussion at the 2010 Silicon Valley Code Camp at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA.  The panel will outline important tips and issues to consider [...]

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