What Can I Do to Build Referrals?

Written by Theresa Shafer. Posted in Consulting Business

Consulting is a referral business. Four things you can do today to build referrals:

  1. Make a list of at least 30 people you have had shared success with. Go back at least 15 years or college/university. Taking the time to go back to your first job is worth it.
  2. Contact those people and tell them
    • What you have been up to
    • Here’s what I am looking for, please refer people to if they are looking for my services
    • Please let me know what you have been up to and call if there is anything I can do to help.
  3. Keep their needs in mind and pro-actively notify them if you run across articles, people, events, or opportunities that are relevant or likely to be useful.
  4. Write 2 testimonials for people in the shared success category in LinkedIn

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