Month: June 2018

Father’s Day 2018

Father’s Day 2018 has me reflecting on some things I learned from my father and my grandfather: making decisions, making lists, and always having keys to the house.


Revisting Neuromancer After Three Decades

Neuromancer, William Gibson’s  first novel, was published in 1984. It helped to establish the cyberpunk genre of science fiction: a dark future where computing, communication, and artificial intelligence technologies were dominant, complemented by significant medical advances, large inhabited satellites in Earth orbit, and considerable drug use. I recently re-read it and was struck by how things …

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The First Robin: Seeing the End of Winter

“The First Robin” is a Safed the Sage story by William Eleazar Barton collected in “The Wit And Wisdom Of Safed The Sage” (1919). I use it as a point of departure for how to determine if your startup’s  initial journey through Winter is coming to an end.

Superstimulus: Refining Online Interactions into Digital Heroin

Attention-selling business models have incentives for fostering unhealthy addictive behavior. They are refining online interactions into the equivalent of digital heroin: experiences that are highly pleasurable, highly addictive, and in the long run seriously harmful. My goal is to offer several perspectives on certain business models that encourage a “race to the bottom” and provide …

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