EET Sheds EDA Expertise: Bad News for EDA Startups

Richard Wallace pens a "Note to Our Readers" in the morning edition of EE Times on-line (hyperlinks added): Last week CMP Technology, a part of United Business Media and parent company of this newspaper, announced sweeping editorial management changes at EE Times and TechOnline,'s sister Web site. The changes [...]

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Finding Partners

The best way to find partners is your inner circle, the people who you have a shared success with. Starting a company is like a marriage, you really want to know and trust your partner. Another place to look is a web site where you can post a job [...]

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Nuts, Bolts and Jolts by Richard Moran

Between 1993 and 1998 Richard A. Moran authored four books of business advice--similar in tone and size to H. Jackson Brown's 1991 "Life's Little Instruction Book"--that were collections between three and four hundred bullet points of pithy advice: Never Confuse A Memo with Reality (1993) Beware Those Who Ask For Feedback (1994) Cancel the Meeting, Keep [...]

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Anthony Scampavia Bio

Anthony has been with SKMurphy since 2007, he provides consulting around a lightweight product development model that is appropriate for startups, In addition he focuses on reviewing and defining product release and test strategies as well as developing test and development sandbox environments for automated regressions and system level testing. [...]

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