Seth Godin’s Book “The Dip” Save Your Money

There are some good insights in Seth Godin's The Dip, his slim new volume devoted to excellence, perseverance, and organized abandonment. Godin doesn't say "organized abandonment" which is a concept developed by Peter Drucker, but "quitting." Godin offer's three checks to perform before you quit and backs into the need for [...]

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InfoWorld: Social Media and B-to-B; Over-hyped or Under-executed

This morning I attended the InfoWorld Media Group Technology Breakfast, at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The topic was: "Social Media and B-to-B; Over-Hyped or Under-Executed". Below is my summary of the question and answer discussion. Moderator: Paul Calento, SVP/Strategic Development InfoWorld Panelists: David Hahn, Director, Advertising Products, Linkedin Virginia [...]

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Plug and Play Expo Startup Pitches

Are you trying to raise venture capital? If so, the Plug and Play Tech Center Expo is the place to be. The full day agenda included presentations from thirty-one companies to a panelist of investors from Norwest Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, Foundation Capital, Amidzad Ventures, and Mohr Davidow Ventures. The [...]

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Crossing the Chasm – Look for a Niche in a Lot of Pain

Ev Rogers' seminal book, "Diffusion of Innovation" describes how people adopt innovations, e.g. new technology. He assumed a normal distribution of risk aversion. Geoffrey Moore's insight was the chasm:  the early majority is not influenced by early adopters, they want the comforts of an established market. Human nature is risk averse: most of [...]

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