Power of Website Content

Here's a good blog post on website content. How Can 10 Simple Articles Change Your Life? In his post Chris Pearson, recounts a story about a friend who creates a website (nothing fancy) but has wonderful content (10 articles). He kills his competition with his content. If you are selling [...]

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Making Our Business More Credible in 2006

We did an end of year de-briefing session an concluded that that the following changes had a things that had a positive effect on our business in 2006. Adding a logo to Business Cards Backgrounder (now in about SKMurphy, Inc. page) Improving Our Website Blogging LinkedIn Contacts Bootstrapper's Breakfast "12 Books [...]

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January’s Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup

Last night, I attended the January Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup.  For those of you who do not know the format of these gatherings, it is very simple.  Each group of presenters is allowed five minutes to pitch their offering and then the crowd is allocated five minutes to ask questions. The [...]

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Six From Encyclopedia Neurotica

Jon Winokur has published a number of good books, including "The Portable Curmudgeon" and "Advice to Writers," and was interviewed September 2006 by Guy Kawasaki, which prompted me to add his most recent, "Encyclopedia Neurotica" to my Amazon cart (where books can linger for months or years). I was frankly [...]

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SaaS Roundtable: Managing Rapid Release Cycles

Gone are the days of annual release cycle. For many companies, weekly releases are the new standard. Picking the best software release cycle impacts your customers, team, and management. At this roundtable discussion we will exchange tips and gotchas. Provide a look at the impact on business models, teams and [...]

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SKMurphy: Getting More Customers Workshop

Finding More Customers Every business owner asks "How do I Find More Customers? How can I get the phone to ring?" Is your New Year's Resolution to develop a plan to grow your business? Now is the time to get started. SKMurphy offers a three hour Getting More Customers workshop [...]

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Two Images of Startups

I had lunch today at El Cerrito with an old friend from college who has done a number of successful startups. We talked of old classmates, children, the energy we had in our twenties, his new son, and my new granddaughter. And we talked about what it was like to [...]

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Nusym De-cloaks 4

Venk Shukla, CEO of Nusym, commented on Nusym De-cloaks 3 on Dec 4 We had met a long time ago but lost touch afterward. The points you make about website credibility are valid. We will measure the information we put out against this criteria once we decide to emerge from [...]

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12 Books For the Busy CEO – Feedback

Last night's talk was well received. We had a good crowd, with folks filling the seats and and a few having to stand up along the back wall. Here's the feedback from the talk: I was surprised that it was more than 12 capsule reviews back to back, that Sean [...]

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